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Moonshine mating


Moonshine Mating is a method for honeybee mating control through flight time restriction. It can be achieved by allowing desired honeybee breeding lines to fly only when drones of the surrounding population have returned to their colonies. Our results demonstrate that effective mating control via Moonshine mating is possible even in areas with a strong presence of other honeybee subspecies.

Automation for queen's nucs

We have designed several types of Moonshine applications for bee queens. There are two options for producing them: 1. craft them by following schematics; 2. you can 3D print them. Both solutions you can download.

MS NUCS variations.png

Moonshine cassette system designed for Apidea

Moonshine system designed for KBK 

3D printed universal Moonshine system

Automation for drone hives

drone system 1.png

Moonshine electronics

Our Moonshine system is programmable allowing to automatically release moonshine drones and queens. Just keep sufficient amount of drones in regulated hives and bring new queens for mating flights.

Screenshot (2).png
wiring scheme 2.png

Wiring scheme


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